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Mr. Sandler helped my Father and Stepmother through a near fatal accident, that left my Father forever a changed man. For his compassion, flexibility, and determination to represent and achieve the best for them, I will be forever grateful.

Extremely knowledgeable, polite, to the point and easy to talk with. Hired Mr. Sandler for a court case involving a motorcycle in Virginia Beach and he handled everything as I had hoped, went to court with all the facts and laws and had the charge dismissed and also kept other charges from happening as they tried to dismiss my current charge and find a loop hole to give me another one. I would 100% hire Mr. Sandler again and have full trust in his abilities.

Mr. Sandler and Deena his paralegal were always very professional and also very warm and kind. They explained the entire process to me whenever necessary, I felt as though they genuinely cared about me, and had nothing but my best interests at heart. The entire process was as stress-free as I can imagine any legal matter being. I would definitely recommend Greg Sandler to anyone needing representation.

If you have been hit while cycling, go straight to Greg. HE CARES. PERIOD. This means he will fight for your recovery just as he will fight to ensure those at fault are held to account. My first memory was in the hospital after I was launched airborne while cycling by a 50-mph distracted driver and landed directly on my head. My recovery was unusually successful because GREG DIRECTED ME TO “THE PHYSICIAN” who has made it his profession to diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate brain injuries. Let me be clear: I would never have found this doctor without Greg. Because the doctor is the East Coast expert in this field, he accepts only a small percentage of the patients who are desperate to see him, and I would never have passed the doorstep without Greg’s personal advocacy for me. Greg’s first concern was my recovery, and then he and Dena (meticulous paralegal) carried my family’s load compassionately and with real understanding for nearly two years of treatment and negotiations. They adjudicated more than eighty doctors’ appointments with relatively little input from me. He fights hard for every advantage for his clients, and he’s crystal clear in his explanations of complex legal circumstances. I am very satisfied with his resolution of my case. Most importantly, his team gave me and my family our lives back. Greg has earned both my gratitude and my trust.

Sarah Rubin

The Sandler Law Group is amazing! My experience with them was the best.
After having a consultation with Greg and his paralegal, Deena, I knew the Sandler Law Group was the perfect fit for my case and that I should have done it sooner!
I never had to call them for updates with my case; they were in contact with me. If I later had any questions or concerns, Greg or Deena responded immediately. They are with you every step of the way. It was comforting to know someone cared and would be there for you.
Greg is extremely knowledgeable in the medical field and that knowledge along with his expertise, allowed me to win my case. I know he has helped so many others in his career too.
If you ever need an attorney who really listens, comprehends your concerns and guides you throughout this process, contact The Sandler Law Group. Greg really cares about you, the outcome of your case and the process of your recovery.

Angela Robertson

My experience with the Sandler law Group... I didn’t know what to expect in the beginning. I was very anxious, and overwhelmed. After leaving my first consolation my mind was at ease. They directed me in the right direction. I was able to receive the proper help I needed to get me through my recovery. It was a long road but with Mr. Sandler's strong guidance. I made it through. I would highly recommend his law group. Thank you again for everything.

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