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ID, ID, ID, it’s time to satisfy the Registrar that you are who you are. As you may have heard, Virginia no longer requires a PHOTO ID, in order to vote (except in one circumstance), but you still have to have SOME ID. Although by far, most people still use a Driver’s License (even an expired one will be accepted), below is a list of what ELSE you can use.

BE AWARE – if you can’t produce an acceptable ID, then you STILL CAN VOTE, you have to sign an ID Confirmation Statement and then you can vote with a regular ballot.

  1. Valid Photo ID issued by employer, US or Va government, high school in Va, College in the US.

  2. Government issued ID from a federal, Va or local political subdivision

  3. Valid DMV issued ID card

  4. Valid Tribal enrollment of tribal ID issued by one of 11 tribes

  5. Valid US passport or passport card

  6. Valid employee ID card if it contains a photo

  7. US Military ID

  8. Nursing Home resident ID

  9. Voter ID card issued by Dept of Elections

  10. Valid student ID issued by school of higher educ in US

  11. Valid student ID issued by public or public high school in VA

  12. Valid Virginia Drivers License

  13. Current utility bill, bank statement, government check or paycheck containing name and address of voter.

  14. Any other current government document with name and address of voter. OR if you have none, SIGNED CONFIRMATION STATEMENT. There should be no excuse for you to be turned away at the polls, so be ready and vote early.

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