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When we take to the road, we trust that the drivers around us will obey the law and rules of the road to keep us and our families safe. Unfortunately, every day, thousands of collisions occur due to careless, inattentive, and reckless drivers. They may be talking on their cell phones, playing with their radios, eating, daydreaming, driving aggressively, or just not paying attention.

And who pays? You do, the victim of someone else’s carelessness and inattention.

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Nursing home claims carry with them the emotionally charged issue of breach of trust. Many families agonize over the decision of whether to place an elderly relative in the care of another, even when it is the medically appropriate choice to make. We want to ensure that our loved ones are safe and that they are treated with dignified care and comfort, just as we would treat them at home.

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"When the circumstances of one's injury cause their death, the nature of the claim changes dramatically, from the person bringing the claim to types of harm and loss that are recoverable."

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Trust in a medical professional is the cornerstone of the doctor-patient relationship. And while most medical personnel are educated, trustworthy, and well-intentioned, it is widely accepted that 98,000 people die every year due to mistakes in hospitals.

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One in three people will be involved in an alcohol-related crash during their lifetime. Are you The One? The law imposes special requirements for these types of cases and the proof needed requires an attorney with specialized knowledge.

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The brain is the organic center of functioning for the human body, encompassing our physical, cognitive, and emotional control centers. Anatomically, our brains “float” in fluid within the protective skull, and when our head suffers a sudden or forceful movement, our brain sloshes within the skull. When it strikes the inside of the skull, it suffers injury, just as if your elbow struck a door or your knee hit a table in your living room. The only difference is that the injury is to the inside and cannot be seen.

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“'I Never Saw Him!' I can’t tell you how many times I have heard a driver who just caused a crash involving a biker say that. When you have been hurt while riding your bike, you need an attorney who know what it is like to be on that bike, so that your jury will know what it's like to be on that bike."

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