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This video addresses one of the most often cited misconceptions about civil liability for a vehicle crash. Shocked clients tell me “The other guy got a ticket, so how can the insurance company say he wasn’t at fault?”. There are two simple answers to this question. First, a ticket is only an officer’s opinion of whether someone violated a traffic law, and traffic laws are NOT the same thing as civil responsibility. The issues are different and the burden of proof is different. Secondly, civil liability focuses on CAUSATION, what caused the crash. In this video neither the absent insurance or the expired license caused the crash. The crash was caused by someone not keeping a proper lookout and whether they had a license or insurance has nothing to do with who caused the crash.

CALL SANDLER LAW GROUP FIRST at 757-627-8900 when someone runs into you, NOT THE INSURANCE COMPANY. You need someone who knows the law to speak for you, so that your right to a full and fair recovery will be protected.

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