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Recently a White House official suggested that ESPN host, Jemele Hill, be fired for her Twitter comments about the POTUS. With that in mind we thought it a perfect time to review our video about being fired for social media comments. Take a look at my video… my legal opinion is below.

Predictably, because my video was first seen on Facebook, the responses to whether an employee could or should be fired for expressing their opinions on social media were slanted in favor of the employee. Whether your termination from work will give rise to a claim is why you should CALL SANDLER LAW GROUP FIRST at 757-627-8900, because your claim is always going to be based on your specific facts.

But in this video, understand a few things:

  1. First, in Virginia an employer may fire a worker without reason, unless there are contractual rights that protect the employee.

  2. Second, the first amendment DOES NOT APPLY, as it only controls the governments restrictions on speech, not private restrictions.

  3. Third, just because you HAVE an opinion does not mean you should OFFER IT!. People today forget that what you choose to say has consequences, and if you choose to say it, be prepared to accept these consequences, both good and bad, because you can’t control the reaction of others.

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