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Welcome back to all of you who may be following this site to gain additional information about the filing of Virginia unemployment benefits for self-employed individuals. I have spoken today with a representative from the VEC and would like to provide you with a little bit of additional information in the event that it helps you with your filing or to maintain your patience. It appears that starting with last Thursday we could, for the first time, access the site of gov2go and actually file weekly claims for unemployment benefits going back to March 15th. Please note that for those people whose initial unemployment claims were denied due to monetary in eligibility, completing this weekly claim is sufficient to satisfy both the state weekly VEC unemployment claim and the federal PUA claim, so you do not need to file twice for each week. For each week you must fill out the appropriate questionnaire so that you can determine your eligibility and then submit your claim. The VEC is hopeful that it will be able to issue money for these claims in the next two to three days. They do advise that certain Banks may have a waiting period once it is received by the bank to be posted to your bank account but they are hopeful that their piece of the puzzle as far as issuing payments might commence in a few days. For those self-employed people who have applied for PPP loans and been approved you need to be aware of how to take those funds into consideration when you file your unemployment benefits. On the gov2go site for each weekly claim there is a button to click as to whether you have applied for or received PPP funds. I’ve been advised that once you individually receive a “paycheck” from these PPP funds then you must identify the amount you received in the block where you click the button for PPP benefits. If the amount of your PPP payment exceeds your weekly benefit then, for that week, you will not receive an unemployment benefit. However it is important to continue to go through this exercise weekly even if you don’t get a weekly benefit. It is possible that your PPP funds could run out before you become re-employed and in that case your unemployment claim remains alive and well for future benefits as long as you have been completing your entitlement weekly. Hang in there, please try and stay patient and with a little juggling we may all start to see a benefit by the end of this week

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