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The Sandler Solution

My prime responsibility is providing my client with complete, honest and professional information so that the Client can make an intelligent decision about the future of their case. This is "The Sandler Solution".

Mechanic Examining Engine

When I'm through

with this car

I'll cut your hair.

Do I Really Need To Get A Lawyer?

I often talk with people who have been in a crash and who have been hurt, through someone else’s fault, and they ask, “Do I really need a lawyer?  Can’t I just handle this myself?  Wouldn’t it just be cheaper for me to do it?  While I understand why they ask these questions, my answer is always a resounding “NO WAY”.  It’s simple to say, “Well if you are not a car mechanic, would you try to fix your car?” or “If you’re not an electrician, would you try to rewire your house?”.  But the truth is simple - There is specialized knowledge required to know the rules, to know your rights and your obligations, to know the problem and to find the solution. 


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